Sunday, June 7, 2009


Friendship isn't the big things- it's a million little things

Hi there!
At last I've joined the "blogging world"!

A very BIG special THANK YOU to Sophia! She is the one who set up my blog for me.... well into the early hours of this morning!! She is really talented! If you've never visited her blog, do yourself a favour.....

I'm off to catch up with my friends at Cocoa Daisy......

Chat soon


  1. Let me be the first to stop by and say welcome to Blogland...look forward to seeing your creations soon.

  2. Hello Sam!!!! Great to see you have a blog!!!!! Wishing you many hours of happiness spent here! Looking forward to catching up soon!

  3. Welcome Sam!!!!! So happy you finally made it to the blogging world!!!!!

  4. Hi Sam...! It's looking really great...!!!

  5. The blog looks great!!! :)

    em (justem from CD) :)

  6. Welcome to the land of blog.... hope you have fun... can't wait to see some of your layouts.

  7. Hi Sam. Welcome to blog land at last. Can't wait to share in all your experiences and seeing you again this coming Saturday at Makaranga for the next Doing Life Scrapaganza all dressed in pink and black.
    Hugs from Desire

  8. Hi Sam!
    Welcome to the blogosphere, and what a way to start - you blog is absolutely stunning :o)

  9. Welcome to the crazy world of blogging Sam! Looking forward to see more of yoru part of the universe! :)

  10. Absolutely thrilled to see you in Blogland Sam - looking forward to seeing all your layouts at the click of a button!
    Lotsa love,
    "Aunty" Carol


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